Technology for a Healthier World

Our mission is to create a technology ecosystem that mobilises populations to get active and live a healthy life. 

We want to provide the digital tools that integrate with tech innovators, to access local active communities and build personalised positive health behaviours.

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Our complete Sport and Leisure Management Software

Flow is designed to help large sport and leisure operators thrive. With a range of flexible modules, our software can help your business operations at scale.

A customer first solution that promotes self-service for all aspects of memberships – all configurable by administrators. Customers can purchase multiple memberships, change and freeze them accordingly.

Flow offers a range of activity types, from standard class bookings to ticketing that supports the selling of extras and the signing of waivers. Our activity templates support all types of sport and activity, with complete flexibility when defining duration, frequency, and spaces.

Combining the booking and joining experience into one customer portal, Flow allows users to book activities, join and manage all aspects of their membership and upcoming activities through the dashboard.


Build an active, healthy community

Available on Android & iOS, Moves+ utilises proven behavioural nudges to get users more physically active. Connecting with popular fitness apps and wearables, users track steps, running, cycling and swimming in return for points. 

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