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You can find a range of information to help answer questions, troubleshoot and resolve the tracker you are using for Moves. 

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General Questions

1. What is Moves+

What is Moves+?

Moves+ is a free app that allows you to gain points for the exercise and activity that you do. Connect your wearable device or tracking app to your account and Moves+ will convert your activities into points that you can spend on real-life rewards. The app also allows you to join challenges and groups, create your own private groups and work towards a group goal to achieve incredible milestones with your friends. 

How much does Moves+ cost? 

The app is completely free and won’t cost you anything. As it is a rewards-based app, you will be rewarded for the activity that you do so think of this as paying you, rather than the other way around! 

How much exercise do I need to do to get rewarded?

Whether you are into gentle walking and only log a few steps each day, or whether you’re an Olympic athlete logging thousands of miles, Moves will award for the activity that you do. The points you earn are related to the amount of activity that you do, so the more active you are, the more points you’ll earn to spend on rewards. There are also opportunities to earn bonus points for competing in challenges or inviting other users to join the app. Go ahead and join Moves to see how many points you could earn! 

What kind of rewards are available? 

Your institution/company will determine which rewards are available on the platform. Commonly added rewards are hot drinks, clothing, water-bottles or free day-passes for the gym. You can view a full list of your available rewards if you log in to the app. 

Sounds good, how do I sign up?

Simply download Moves+ from the App Store or Play Store by searching for Moves +. You will need to create an account using your institution email address.

2. Trackers & Wearables

Which trackers can I connect to Moves+? 

Moves+ can directly connect with the following trackers and wearable devices:

  • Apple Health (iOS devices only) – no wearable device required.
  • Google Fit – no wearable device required.
  • Strava – no wearable device required. App is recommended for cyclists and runners.
  • Fitbit – you will need to purchase a Fitbit wearable device, we recommend the Fitbit Charge 3 or above. This tracker is recommended for swimmers.
  • Withings (Health Mate app) – you will need to purchase a Withings wearable device. 

There are more details within the app about the benefits of each of these tracking apps so you can choose the right connection for you. Visit the ‘My tracker’ section within the profile page. 

How many trackers can I connect at one time? 

You can only connect one tracker at a time.

If you have two trackers or apps downloaded on your phone, e.g. a Fitbit wearable and Google Fit app, we recommend that use one tracker/wearable with Moves+; there is no need to attach Fitbit to Google Fit and Google Fit to Moves+, for example. 

Remember that you will need to connect one of the above trackers to your Moves account to earn points. If you are experiencing problems with any connections, please view our troubleshooting advice page. 

What if I have a tracker or device that doesn’t link directly to Moves+? 

It is possible to connect most other trackers/apps to Moves+ via one of the above trackers. For example, you can connect Garmin to Strava and then connect Strava to Moves+. However, we recommend connecting trackers directly to Moves+ as this way we are more easily able to convert your activity data into points. 

Therefore, we would recommend that you download Google Fit or Apple Health and attach those to Moves+ rather than using an unsupported tracker (e.g. Garmin) where possible. 

3. Which activities will I receive points for?

You can earn points for the following activities:
  • Daily step count (steps+)
  • Running (miles*) 
  • Cycling (miles*) 
  • Swimming (meters*) 

+Strava tracks walking and not steps, therefore we measure daily step count using a basic calculation based on the distance you walked and average number of steps for this distance. If you do a lot of walking, we recommend attaching a different tracker for more reliable measures. 

*If your tracker collects data using a different metric (e.g. kilometers rather than miles), we will convert the measurements and award you the corresponding number of points. 

Converting Points

In order to convert activities to points, Moves+ will read the information sent from your tracker and process this data into points. We can only award points for certain types of activities, so you will need to ensure the following: 

  • You need to check that your wearable device or app has synced by opening your app and checking that your activity has come through before you attempt to sync Moves (see further information on manual and nightly sync). 
  • Your wearable device is properly connected to Moves (see our troubleshooting guidance).
Please make sure that you are logging the correct activities and will a distance associated in order to receive points: 
  • Running and cycling are logged with GPS enabled – without GPS we cannot measure a distance and therefore can’t convert your activity into points (see image below).
  • Swimming must be recorded with the distance logged in order for you to receive points. This can be done via a compatible wearable device, e.g. Fitbit or by using a waterproof phone and measuring via Strava. We do not provide points for manually entered swimming times without the recorded distance, e.g. Google Fit (see image below). 
  • Activities that are logged manually will not convert to points as we are unable to verify that this activity was completed. 
  • Any activities that are auto-logged will need to have GPS data associated with the activity otherwise we are not able to convert this data. 

Activities not listed above, for example a bike machine at the gym, a treadmill run or a yoga/pilates class cannot be converted into points by Moves+. 

Why can’t I receive points for activities that don’t have a distance associated (e.g. Gym sessions or Yoga classes)? 

As a rewards-based app, we need to ensure that we are awarding points for genuine activity. The best way for us to achieve this is by awarding points according to the distance completed, rather than another measure which is more easily fallible. We are examining the ways that we may be able to allow users to gain points for gym-based activities in the future.  

How many points will I earn for my activities? 

Your institution/company will decide how many points are allocated for each activity. You are able to view this when you login to the app and navigate to Profile -> Edit Profile -> My Tracker 

How long do my points last for?

Please refer to your institution/company’s terms and conditions.

4. Syncing My Activity. How Does this Work?

Manual and nightly syncs 
How does my tracker sync with the Moves+ app? 

There are two ways that Moves+ gets data from your tracker/wearable device. The first is a nightly sync and the second is a manual sync. 

Nightly sync 

Each night at around midnight, the Moves+ app will automatically pull through data from your tracker. It will pull through data from that day and populate your app. The data that is pulled through will then appear in the ‘Recent Activity’ log on your home page. If you have not manually synced your tracker, the new data that is pulled through in the nightly sync will add to the total number of points that you have and these points will show on the graph in your profile page. 

Manual sync 

Moves+ offers a manual sync option which allows you to sync Moves+ with your tracker and pull in points from the current day. These points will show on your ‘Daily Activity’ log on your homepage and the number of total points you have will increase accordingly. If you have completed any challenges, the bonus points will be pulled through when you manually sync. 

Remember: You will only receive points for activities that you completed after you connected your tracker.

Remember: Users connected to to Strava will be unable to manually sync. Strava activity will come through during the nightly sync. 

How does the manual sync work? 

If your tracker does not update to the cloud, you may not receive points for the activity that you do. Therefore, when manually syncing your data, please make sure you do the following: 

  • Open your tracking app before you manually sync and ensure that your activity has updated. For example, if you just went out for a walk and you open your Fitbit App, make sure that the steps have updated on the app
  • Aim to wait at least 20 minutes after you have completed your activity before syncing with Moves+. Note that this can take up to one hour, depending on your tracker

Step. 1

Track some activity with your app or wearable, such as going for a run. 

Step. 2

Sync your tracking app or wearable on your phone, e.g. open Fitbit App and ensure your activity is updated and showing.

Step. 3

Wait for your tracking app to update the activity you just did. This is a sync from your tracking app (e.g Fitbit) to its own database (e.g. Fitbit Cloud) 

Average length it takes each tracking app to update their database with the activity you tracked:

  • Google Fit: 45 mins
  • Withings: 20 mins 
  • Strava: 10 mins 
  • Apple Health and Fitbit: Instant 

Step. 4

Manually Sync your activity on Moves+ 

Once you have waited the recommended time for your tracker to update, you can sync this activity with Moves+ by pressing the ‘Sync’ button on the homepage.  Once we receive the data from your tracker, Moves+ will send you a notification. This can take between 5mins – 1hr depending on the tracker


I am using Google Fit, how can I ensure that I get points using manual sync? 

In our experience, Google Fit can take a long time to complete a sync from your Google Fit app to the Google cloud. You can check that your device has synced to the cloud by going completing the following actions:

Go to your phone Settings 

    1. Select Accounts and choose the gmail account linked to Google Fit
    2. Click ‘Account sync’ and scroll down to ‘Google Fit Data’ 
    3. Check the that Google Fit last synced
    4. If the sync was recent (and completed after you last did some activity) you are ok to manually sync Moves+ 
    5. If Google Fit has not yet synced since your last activity, wait at least 20 minutes and then check again. 
Do I need to manually sync my data on Moves+? 

No, you do not need to manually sync your data . Each night Moves+ Sync with your tracking app log all your activity. Just make sure that you open your tracking app each day so that the activity data is updated and we can pull it through to Moves+. 

Why is the manual sync taking a long time? 

Each time you manually sync, we need to pull through the data from your tracker and this can take some time as there may be a lot of data in a queue from other users. Close your app and wait for a push notification which informs you that the data has come through. This could take between 10 minutes to an hour (Google Fit). If you still do not have data, you may wish to check our troubleshooting guidance as there may be a problem connecting your activity to Moves+. 

What happens when I first connect my tracker and sync?

The first time you connect your tracker and sync, we will only provide points for activity that was completed after the tracker was connected. For example, if you connect your tracker at 4pm, we will not provide you with points for any activities that were completed before this time; you will receive points for all activities you log after this time and beyond. 

What happens when I disconnect my tracker?

If you disconnect your tracker, we will not be able to pull through any data so please ensure that you have synced your data before you disconnect the tracker or you will lose points for the activity that you have done. 

Why did I not receive the correct points when I synced or after the nightly sync?

There are a number of reasons why points might have come through. These are often related to one of the points below:

  1. Your tracker did not sync the activity to the cloud before the Moves+ sync and therefore the data might be lost (check back the following day and if you have not received the points contact your university administrator) 
  2. You disconnected or newly connected a tracker (see points above for how we provide points when disconnecting and connecting a tracker)
  3. You need to update your tracking app
  4. You should ensure that you have opened your tracking app, check that the data is updated and wait 20 minutes before manually syncing 
  5. Bluetooth or auto-syncing for your tracking app is turned off (see Troubleshooting guidance) 
  6. You are not logging activities correctly (e.g. you did not track a run with a distance associated)

If you believe you should have received points but you have not received them, please send your university administrator an email with evidence from your tracking app to support your claim and they will help you to resolve this. 


What is my daily activity?

On your homepage you will see your daily activity which appears once you have manually synced your app. See details here on how to manually sync. 

What is my recent activity? 

This is a list of all the activities that you have logged over the past month starting from yesterday. You can view how your points were earned for each day. The recent activity will show automatically after the nightly sync so there is no need to manually sync your app. 

I am having trouble getting points for activities that I have completed. 

I did not receive points I expected to receive for an activity that I did. 

If you have completed some activity but not received points for this, there are a number of things you can do. 

  • Check that you have logged the correct type of activity 
  • Check whether any points came through or whether no points at all were awarded 
    • If you received some points but not all you may have logged an incorrect activity type (for more information see this section), or you may have an issue with manual syncing (see here for more detail). Remember, we only provide points for activities logged after you have connected your tracker, and not those before.
    • If you received no points at all, you may have an issue with manual syncing (see here) or you may have a connection issue with your app. 
  • Wait for one more day. Occasionally, it’s possible that the nightly sync can fail but the following night the sync should pull through data from the previous day so check whether you receive your points then. 
  • If you still cannot diagnose the problem, you may wish to contact your university administrator. 
My tracker won’t connect at all or is being automatically disconnected

If you are struggling to connect a tracker, see our troubleshooting guidance for a step-by-step guide of how to connect your tracker.  If your tracker is being automatically disconnected, you are likely to be experiencing an issue related to the way your tracker is set up. You will need to ensure that your auto-sync is turned on, follow our guidance for connecting a tracker or contact your university administrator if you cannot resolve the problem. 

What are ‘perceived’ vs. ‘actual’ activities?

When wearing a fitness tracker (e.g. Fitbit, Apple or Withings watch), the wearable device will count some movements as ‘perceived’ activity. For example, if you are fidgetting at your desk, the wearable may count these movements as steps when you are actually not walking anywhere. 

The data sent to Moves+ will only include ‘actual’ activity data (e.g. only steps completed when actually walking). The ‘actual’ data can differ from the ‘perceived’ data that you are shown on your wearable or app. 

Sometimes there can be a big difference between the perceived and actual data and so points you receive can seem less than the activity shown on your wearable device. If you are concerned, please contact your institution administrator with full details of your issue. 

I would like to receive points that I did not receive 

If you have read the above and know that you logged a valid activity but did not receive points for this, you should contact your institution administrator to explain your situation. They may be able to help you, at their discretion. In order to provide them with the best information you can, you should:

  • Provide them with screenshots of the activity that you completed on your tracking device/app
  • Provide them with screenshots of the Moves+ app and explain when the points should have been awarded 
  • Explain to them in detail what you did and whether you attempted to manually sync the data

6. Private and Public Groups

What are groups and how do I join them? 

Moves+ has two types of groups: Public Groups and Private Groups. 

Public groups are available for any user to join and will be advertised in your ‘Explore’ tab. You may join as many groups as you like although you will probably get the most out of joining groups that are best aligned to your interests. The public groups are created by your institution/company administrator and groups aim to bring together users of Moves into a community of people with similar interests. Within the group you can:  

  • View posts by the administrator about events or recommendations that are upcoming 
  • Participate in challenges that may be targeted to the group (e.g. an activity type)

Private groups are created by users. You can only join a private group if you have been invited to join by another user, or if you created the group yourself. To create a private group go to the group tab. To accept a group invite, view your ‘invites’ in your inbox.

What are private group goals? 

Once you have joined or created a private group you can participate in a group goal. The administrator (creator) of the group will need to select or create a goal for the group to participate in. Every member of the group will automatically work towards the goal. You can participate in as many group goals as you want to at one time (both within and across groups). 

Why would I join a group goal?

Research suggests that participating in activities with friends can help to improve your fitness and well-being  so what better way to start or continue your fitness journey than by contributing to a goal with a group of your friends?

What kind of goals can I join? 

There are a number of pre-created goals within the moves app across the different activity types. You are welcome to use any of these pre-set goals or you can create your own. To create your own simply decide on an activity type and a distance you want to achieve then set yourselves the target and good luck reaching the finishing line! 

Which activities will earn me progress towards the goal? 

Any activities that you have received points for will help progress you towards your goal. To see the list of activities that we will convert to points, see here. 

Do I receive bonus points for completing a goal? 

Competing and achieving a goal will not provide you with additional points. However, you will receive points for the activity that you do. For example, if the goal is to cycle 100 miles, you will receive all points as expected for your bike rides as you progress towards the goal. 

How do we contribute to the goal together?

Any member of the group will automatically contribute towards the group goal each time they log an activity of that type. For example, if you are in a walking challenge with a target of 50 miles, every time you or members of the group log steps, the progression towards the goal will increase. E.g. User 1 logs 10,000 steps on Day 1 and User 2 logs 5,000 steps on Day 1. The progression towards the goal will show 15,000 steps completed.  

Can I join more than one goal at a time? 

You can join goals of different activity types (e.g. 1 walking goal, 1 running goal, 1 cycling goal, 1 swimming goal). Some universities/institutions will allow you to sign up to multiple goals of the same type (e.g. 3 running goals). You can find out whether you can join more than one at a time when you login to the app.

7. Challenges

What are challenges and how do I join them? 

Your institution administrator will create challenges and post them on the app. Challenges can either be attached to a public group (you must be a group member to join) or are global challenges for anyone to join. Challenges exist for each of the activity types and you are awarded points when you complete the challenge. The number of points you are awarded is unique to each challenge and can be viewed on the challenge page. 

What happens if I complete a challenge? 

When you join a challenge you will see your progress towards that challenge. When you have completed all progress towards the challenge, you will receive a push notification informing you that you have completed the challenge and you will receive the bonus points for completing the challenge once you sync your data. Challenge points are also shown on the ‘recent activity’ page. 

How many points will I get for a challenge? 

You will receive bonus points for completing a challenge, these are determined by the university administrator and the number of points can be found on the challenge page. The more difficult the challenge is, the more points you will win. 

Alongside the bonus points for a challenge, you will also receive points for the activity that you do. For example, if you compete in a 5 mile running challenge, you will be awarded points as normal for all the runs that you log whilst competing in the challenge. When you have reached the target of 5 miles, you will also be awarded bonus points (the number is specified on the challenge page) which will add to your total lifetime points. 

When will I receive points for a completed challenge? 

Once you have completed the required distance for your challenge and your Moves+ app has updated, you will receive points for the challenge. Your Moves+ app may update via a manual sync or via the nightly sync. 

What if I don’t complete the challenge before it expires?

All challenges have a start and end date. You cannot join a challenge before it starts although you may be able to view the challenge. If you do not complete a challenge before the challenge expires, you will not receive bonus points for the challenge. Be sure to check the end date to complete it in time! 

How many challenges can I join? 

You can join one challenge of each activity type at a time. For example, you may join 1 walking challenge, 1 running challenge, 1 cycling challenge and a swimming challenge but not 2 walking challenges at one time. This is because your daily activity can only contribute towards one challenge at a time. If you wish to change the challenge that you are participating in you can leave the challenge and join another of that activity type. If you have completed a challenge you will be able to join another challenge of that activity type. 

Can I leave a challenge? 

Yes, you can leave a challenge by going to the challenge page and clicking ‘Leave’. Be aware that if you leave a challenge you will lose your progress towards the challenge and you will not receive bonus points. If you have completed a challenge there is no need to leave the challenge. 

8. Redeeming Rewards

How do I redeem a reward?

You can go to the rewards tab in the app and view a list of rewards that are available to redeem. You can only redeem rewards if:

  • You have enough points 
  • The reward is active (some may be expired or not yet activated) 
  • The reward is in stock 
  • You have not already redeemed the maximum number of that reward 
Which rewards can be redeemed in a limited number of times? 

Some rewards will have a limit on the number of times that you can redeem them. These rewards are clearly labelled and you can view the number of times that you’re able to redeem them within the app.

What is a merchant claim reward and how do I redeem this?  

A merchant claim reward will allow you to redeem the reward once you are at the shop/point of sale. The merchant (e.g. shop assistant) will ask to view your phone when you are prompted and they will verify that the reward is available for you to redeem and mark this on your app. You will then see a reduction in your overall points and be eligible to redeem your reward. 

What is a discount code reward and how do I redeem this? 

A discount code reward allows you to redeem a reward using a code and so you do not necessarily need to be in a shop at the time of redemption (like you do with a merchant claim). The code will appear on your phone for a limited amount of time so make sure that you make a note of the code. You can then enter this code on a website or provide it to a shop assistant, whichever is required. The code is unique and can only be used once so do not attempt to share the code with friends.

9. Leaderboard & Newsfeed

What is the leaderboard?

The leaderboard shows how many points you have earned in total over the past month. You will be able to view your position compared to your friends in the app. The person with the most points will appear at the top of the leaderboard and your position will be shown. If you are not in the top 20 of your friends you can view the top 20 positions and the top two positions above you. 

How often does the leaderboard refresh?

The leaderboard will show the total number of points that you have earned over the past month. It will refresh at the beginning of each month. This means that if you have not logged much activity over the past month (because you’ve not been well for example) you will have a chance to start over when the new month begins! 

I don’t want to appear on the leaderboard, how do I remove myself?

If you do not wish to appear on the leaderboard, you can go to your profile page and click ‘edit profile’. Here you can untick the box which asks whether you are happy to share your data with friends. If this is unticked, you will not appear on the leaderboard or be able to use this functionality. Your friends will also not see your activity within their newsfeed. 

What is the newsfeed? 

The activity newsfeed is a list of all activity that you and your friends have achieved within the moves app. This appears within the Explore tab and will show activities such as, “User X has joined Group Y” or “User X has earned Badge Y”. 

I do not want my recent activity to be shown on the newsfeed. 

If you do not wish for your activity to be shown on the newsfeed, you can remove permissions by going to your profile page and clicking ‘edit profile’. From here scroll down to the tick-boxes and untick the ‘Share my Activity with friends’ box. Once unticked your activity will no longer be shared within the app.

10. My Profile Settings

How do I edit my profile? 

If you wish to edit information relating to your profile, simply click the profile tab and click ‘edit profile’. You have the option to amend your first and last names but you cannot update your email. This is because the email address needs to be your registered university email address. 

What are the marketing preferences set against my profile? 

When you register for Moves+ you have the option to agree to marketing preferences: i) receiving marketing via SMS and ii) receive marketing via email. You can choose to turn these on or off at any time by visiting your edit profile section. Note that you may receive non-marketing emails from your institution regarding Moves+ at any time. 

Can I hide my activity from others? 

Yes. If you wish to hide your activity from others within the app, you can untick the following tick box within your edit profile section.

Unticking this options means that all of the following will occur: 

  • Your activity will no longer be seen on newsfeeds within the app (e.g. the ‘Explore’ tab) 
  • When users try to view your profile, they will no longer be able to view information about you 
  • You will not have access to the leaderboard function; you will not appear on the leaderboard and you will not be able to view the leaderboard 
Can I request a personal data export? 

Yes, in line with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) we allow all Moves+ users to download their personal data. You can find this within your edit profile page. If you wish to delete your account, please click ‘Request to delete my account’ within the edit profile page or email us your request at

Tracker: Google Fit

Google Fit is native to most android phones. As long as a range of setting are enabled, Google Fit will automatically track your steps, running and cycling.

Getting Started 

  1. Make sure you have Google Fit downloaded on your phone
  2. Ensure that you grant Moves+ all requested permissions when connecting Google Fit, otherwise your actvity will not be read
  3.  Check your Google Fit settings are auto-tracking your activity

What does Google Fit Track?

  • Running
  • Cycling
  • Steps
  • Swimming
Top Tips 
  1. Ensure you have the Google Fit App downloaded on your phone to track your activity
  2. If you have multiple Gmail or Google Accounts, ensure the one connected to Google Fit is the one you connect to with Moves+
  3. Double check that Account Sync between Google Fit and your Google Account is enabled and automatic
  4.  We do not recommend connecting additional trackers or wearables to your Google Account, such as Garmin. Moves+ cannot guarantee this data will be read correctly, if at all.
  1. Navigate to your phone settings 
  2. Find your Google Account Settings 
  3. Find account linked to Moves
  4. Turn on Sync

Google SyncMy Account

  1. Go to Settings in Google Fit App 
  2. Scroll to Tracking Preferences 
  3. Ensure ‘Track your activities’ is toggled on 

Apple Health Logo

Tracker: Apple Health

Apple Health is native to all iOS phones. Apple Health will automatically track your steps. User will need an Apple Watch to track Cycling, Swimming and Running

What does Apple Health Track?

  • Running (Apple Watch only)
  • Cycling (with Apple Watch only)
  • Steps 
  • Swimming (with Apple Watch only) 
Top Tips 
  1. You can connect Strava to Apple Health to track any running, cycling and swimming if you do not have an Apple Watch
  2. When you connect with Apple Health every time you open Moves+ your activity will be automatically synced 

As with all trackers, there can sometimes be discrepancies with the number of points you see on your tracker or app and those awarded by Moves+

Please read the below guidance if you experience any issues:

  • Keep your tracker connected and check whether the points level out after a couple of days. You may find that when you first open the app there are some differences in the number of points but that these become more accurate later on.
  • If you wear an Apple Health watch, please be aware that you might be awarded your ‘actual’ activity data by Moves+ rather than your ‘perceived’ data as shown by Apple. Read more about that here.
  • Read the information in the Daily and Recent Activity section of this webpage. 

If you are concerned that the number of points you are receiving is vastly different to those shown on your Apple Health app and it is not explained by the above, please contact your institution administrator.

Strava Connection

Tracker: Strava

Strava is a popular tracker for runners, cyclists and swimmers. Strava does not automatically track your steps, but if you track a walk or hike on Strava, Moves+ will estimate your steps taken. Garmin wearables can be connected to Strava to allow you to track your activity with Garmin

What does Strava Track?

  • Running 
  • Cycling 
  • Steps (Steps are estimated based on the distance you walk. Strava does not automatically track your steps)
  • Swimming 
Top Tips 
  1. You must start tracking an activity via the Strava App, it does not automatically track your activity 
  2. Strava measures your activity in distance using GPS. If GPS drops out during your activity Moves+ will be unable to process the activity successfully
  3. Users who connect with Stava cannot manually ‘sync’ on Moves+. Your activity will be pulled through to Moves+ in the automatic nightly sync
  1. Navigate to your phone settings 
  2. Find your Google Account Settings 
  3. Find account linked to Moves
  4. Turn on Sync

If you are concerned that you are not receiving points as expected, please read through the below and contact your university administrator for more guidance if required.


Currently, we can only provide points for running, cycling and swimming activities with a distance associated. If you have completed a stationary bike ride or run then you will not be awarded points for this activity. Read more about the activities we provide points for here. We do not provide points for manually added activities.


If you have another tracking app or wearable device connected with your Strava (e.g. Garmin) you may find that sometimes points are lost for genuine activities you have completed. Although we do facilitate the connection of third-party trackers, there can be problems pulling in the data from additional trackers. You may choose to connect a tracking app to Moves+ that does not have another tracker connected to help ensure points are not lost.

Additional Support 

Strava Help Centre

Tracker: Fitbit

Not all Fitbit trackers can support all the activity that can be recorded on Moves+ We would recommend the Charge 3 model or above and ensure that all activities are recorded with distances (GPS), without this Moves+ cannot process the activity you do.

What does Fitbit Track?

  • Running 
  • Cycling 
  • Steps 
  • Swimming 
Tracking is dependent on the type of Fitbit you have. You can explore all models here.
Top Tips 
  1. Make sure you start an activity on your Fitibit, some automatically tracked activities can’t be processed by Moves+
  2. If you track additional activity such as ‘Yoga’ or ‘Hiit’ on your Fitbit, any steps earned during these sessions will not be processed by Moves+
  3. Running, Swimming & Cycling need to be recorded through GPS. If your tracker does not support GPS Moves+ cannot process these activities 
  4. Any manually added activity will not be processed by Moves+

If you are concerned that the number of points you are receiving is vastly different to those shown on your Fitbit app and it is not explained by the below, please contact your institution administrator. 

  • Please check that you have ensured sync is enabled on Fitbit (see troubleshooting guidance). 
  • You may be awarded your ‘actual’ activity data by Moves+ rather than your ‘perceived’ data as shown on your Fitbit watch or app. You can read more about this here.
  • Ensure you are logging runs and bike rides with a distance associated (GPS is turned on and a map is shown). We cannot provide points if there is not a distance for these activities, and similarly will not provide points for manually added activities. Read more about the activities we provide points for here.

If you are concerned about the points you have received, make sure that you leave your Fitbit tracker connected to Moves+ for at least two days before contacting your institution.

  1. Disconnect your tracker, log out of Moves+ and delete the app 
  2. Go to your Fitbit app and revoke access to Moves+
  3. Fitbit Settings -> Accounts -> ‘Manage Data’ -> ‘Manage Third-Party Apps’  -> revoke access to Moves (if it appears in the list) 
  4. Reinstall Moves+ and login (do not connect tracker yet) 
  5. Ensure sync is is enabled on Fitbit 
  6. Fitbit app -> View account -> Select Fitbit wearable (e.g. Charge 3) -> Check sync is turned on to All-day sync enabled and preferably turn on ‘Always Connected’
  7. Complete some activity and open Fitbit to check that your tracker is showing up-to-date activity for today 
  8. If you wish to check your activity now go to Moves+ and press ‘Manual Sync’. Check that you have received points that you should have when your sync is complete. You can also check you have received the correct points after the nightly sync, just open your app tomorrow to see the points you achieved from yesterday. 


Note: You may receive a slightly different number of points compared to activity (e.g. +-20 points) because of discrepancies with the syncs but we always round up so overtime this will always level out. 

Tracker: Withings

Withings is a stylist wearable that tracks Running, Cycling and Steps. Withings does not track Swimming distance, so Moves+ is unable to award points for Swimming on a Withings device.

What does Withings Track?

  • Running 
  • Cycling 
  • Steps 
Note: Though Swimming can be tracked on Withings, the tracker doesn’t record any distance data which Moves+ needs to process your activity. Therefore you cannot earn points for Swimming on a Withings device. 
Top Tips 

  1. When tracking an activity on your wearable you maybe prompted to open the Withings app for ‘advanced tracking.’ If you do not open the Withings App it is likely your activity will not be tracked correctly with GPS and you will lose points.  
  2. Before manually syncing with Moves+ ensure that your Withings wearable has synced with the Withings App
  3. You can find more help with your Withings here. 

In order for a Withings activity to be successfully processed by Moves+ Any activity must have complete GPS data. If your GPS drops out then no distance data will be able for Moves+ to process. Below shows the where GPS is both unsuccessful and successful. 

No GPS Data read 

GPS Dropped out during activity

Successfully tracked activity via GPS

Please bear in mind the following reasons for discrepancies in points on Moves+ compared to your Withings app.

  • You may be awarded your ‘actual’ activity data by Moves+ rather than your ‘perceived’ data as shown on your Withings app. You can read more about this here
  • Ensure you are logging runs and bike rides with a distance associated. We cannot provide points if there is not a distance associated, and similarly will not provide points for manually added activities. Read more about the activities we provide points for here.

If you are concerned that the number of points you are receiving is vastly different to those shown on your Withings app and it is not explained by the above, please contact your institution administrator.

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