Boost community engagement and retention with Moves

Leveraging the principles of gamification, Moves encourages your community to stay physically active by rewarding them for when they do. Connecting to popular fitness apps and wearables, Moves converts running, stepping, cycling and swimming into points.

Track and reward your community for the physical activity they do

Available on Android & iOS Moves utilises proven behavioural nudges to get users more physically active. Connecting with popular fitness apps and wearables users track steps, running, cycling and swimming in return for points. The app is customisable with your colours and brand to give user a personal experience. 

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Customer Rewards

Add a range of rewards, bespoke to your community for users to redeem. Moves supports a range of ways to 'claim' rewards, as well as stock and tag management.

User Insight

Create surveys and report on a range of user metrics - from activity to rewards, all through our powerful reporting module.

Digital Community

Bring your community together, through shared interests with the groups feature. Users can join community groups on the Moves platform as well as creating their own groups amongst friends.


Boost user engagement with a range of challenges, from stepping to swimming - users compete to earn extra points or prizes you create.

Push Notifications

Communicate quickly and easy with your users by sending custom push notifications to the Moves app.

Connect Fitness Apps & Wearables

Users can connect a range of fitness apps and wearables to their Moves account, such as Apple Health, Fibit and Strava.

Explore Groups & Challenges
Track Your Activity
Compete in Challenges

Moves integrates with popular fitness apps and wearables.

Apple Health

A staple activity tracker found on all iOS devices which connection to Apple Health Watch

Google Fit

This tracker is native to most android devices, but can be used on iOS too.


Fast becoming a popular tracking app with it's smart wearable and health technology.


Who hasn't heard of Fitbit, a much loved global tracker that connects easily with Moves.

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