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Moves+ makes moving APPealing.

Moves+, powered by OpenPlay, is an activity rewards app proven to increase the activity levels and wellbeing of its users. By connecting a Moves+ account with popular fitness trackers (think Strava, Apple Health, Garmin, etc.), users can earn Moves+ points for stepping, running, cycling and swimming. In turn, points can be exchanged for rewards, for example a coffee (on skim milk?!) at a local cafe or merchandise from the local shop. #winning! 

In 2020/2021 our team analysed the usage of Moves+ and found that users increased their activity levels by 35%, an awesome result! Now, another year on, we were keen to understand how users were utlising Moves+, and the findings from our 2022 report have been similarly encouraging:

Moving Towards Positive Behavioural Change:

Reviewing data from January – April 2022, key insights into users and their usage has allowed us to better understand how powerful Moves+ can be as a tool to help communities lead healthier and more active lives. What makes Moves+ a standout in the fitness app industry is its innovative gamification features – challenges and rewards are having a direct impact on the amount of activities users engage in.

Moves+ App

QUICK FACT: To date Moves+ users have logged:

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Billion STEPS
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Million Miles CYCLED
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Million Metres SWUM
Moves+ Users

304% Increase in Users

QUICK FACT: Our report found that since From 2020 to 2022, the number of daily active users has increased by 304%. That's moving!

Moving Everyday Users:

Since launching in early 2020, Moves+ has been rolled out across twelve universities in the United Kingdom and the number of daily active users continues to increase month on month. The report reveals that there is currently an average of 3,500 active daily users, and most importantly the user retention (i.e. the number of users who are still using the app after 1, 7 and 30 days) is in fact better than industry averages from fitness apps.

This positive finding suggests that Moves+ is both well received by users, ensuring engagement and therefore a more active, moving community!

Moving is Fun when Motivated:

The 2022 report found that there is a strong positive relationship between Moves+ points earned and rewards redeemed. That is, the more that users can redeem, the more they will continue to engage with the app for longer – potentially leading to increased activity and behaviour change. That’s what we want!

In another analysis, we found that users who redeemed more rewards engaged in more activity (e.g. walked more steps). This again points to the suggestion that reward redemption is an important component in increasing activity levels in users.

Moves+ Worldwide

Movement for All

QUICK FACT: We learned that Moves+ has been downloaded in 95% of the countries in the world!

Current Moves+ University Clients Include:

Moves+ Reward

Step Up!

QUICK FACT: The most popular challenges were step challenges, with a completion rate of 99%.

Moving Communities through Challenges:

Users who complete more Moves+ challenges engage in more activity. This highlights that challenges, and being engaged with your community, is an important component in increasing activity levels.

From the findings, universities have been encouraged to provide a good variety of challenges across all types, with varying difficulty levels, as this helps to get users to sign up and participate in challenges, ultimately increasing activity levels.

As we look towards the future and the planned development for Moves+ (think Team Challenges and an even more social aspect and connection between users), we are excited by the findings of this analysis which supports OpenPlay’s vision for the app: a platform accessible to all that can motivate users towards making lasting behavioural change towards an active lifestyle.

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