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OpenPlay is excited to announce that after three years in partnership with the UK’s largest public leisure provider, GLL, we have launched our new sport and leisure management software named Flow. Taking back control and transforming the customer experience with a single online journey for memberships, joining, bookings, ticketing and admission, Flow is earmarked as industry leading.

Developed from the ground up, and utilising GLL’s industry experience and insights, Flow has now been rolled out across GLL’s 250+ sport and leisure centres. The scale of the project and moving in excess of 250 centres to Flow while simultaneously ensuring that there was little to no disruption to the service for end users (i.e., centre staff and customers), was a feat in itself!

Flow transforms the customer journey: from making bookings and joining memberships, to buying products and activities online. The digital journey begins on the customer’s phone, tablet and desktop and ends with the straightforward access through reception, providing seamless, integrated service for booking a swim, court, exercise class or gym workout.

Our CEO, Sam Parton, said: “OpenPlay’s technical expertise and customer focused approach, coupled with GLL’s long experience in operating high footfall leisure environments, brings huge benefits to both members and the leisure centres.”

GLL’s Digital and Technology Director, Steve Ward, said: “Flow’s digital agenda puts the customer first and allows them to have the ability to book, buy and manage as well as update relevant records without the need to contact us. The focus has been on reducing clicks, improving access, and reducing queues in centres, freeing up leisure centre staff to assist customers with concierge services, so they can get the most out of their visit.”

Flow is configurable and customisable to suit a wide variety of needs.

Activity Bookings

Flow offers a range of activity types, from standard class bookings to enhanced ‘fast tickets’ that support the selling of extras and the signing of waivers. All activity types can be added to one basket allowing a seamless experience for customers making multiple books at once. Our activity templates support all types of sport and activity, with complete flexibility when defining duration, frequency, and spaces.

One Customer Portal

Flow has combined the booking and joining experience into one customer portal, allowing users to book activities, join and manage all aspects of their membership and upcoming activities through the dashboard.

Membership Management

A customer first solution that promotes self-service for all aspects of membership management – all configurable by administrators. Customers can purchase multiple memberships, change, and freeze them accordingly

Automatic Crediting

To reduce costs associated with refunds and to retain cash within the business Flow can automate the crediting of customers for any booking cancellations. Membership credit can also be enabled allowing customers to receive concessionary credit or when changing and freezing their memberships. This is all automatically applied to the customers regular membership fees.

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