Moves+ gets an update and new design to improve user experience

The new Moves+ app is now live! After feedback from clients and users, we have released an updated version which includes;

  • A brand-new modern and stylish design
  • Ability to track swimming and connect with Strava
  • A full breakdown of how users earn their points
  • New features including private group goals and a personalised inbox with notifications, invites and requests

What is the Moves+ app?

The Moves+ app provides users with rewards for the activities that they do. Simply log an activity via a tracking app or wearable device and exchange the points received for rewards including hoodies, coffees, free gym passes and more!

In addition to redeeming rewards, users can create groups and work with their friends towards group goals. Bonus points are up for grabs when users compete in activity challenges and the more competitive users can see how they are performing against their friends on the overall leaderboard.

The social elements of the app make it a perfect solution for Universities and communities hoping to bring people together and support one other in the drive to get more active.
Whether an individual is a keen athlete or just starting on their fitness journey, the Moves+ app provides a platform for them to log activity, see their progress and reap the rewards for their hard work!

Our User-Base

In September 2020 we released the updated app and our user base quickly rose from around 7,500 to over 11,000 users in the first two weeks. In October, five new universities are launching the app to their students and staff. We anticipate around 20,000 active users by the end of the year.

The new app has already received great reviews and we are widening our search for new clients to come onboard and join the Moves+ revolution!

App Store Reviews

What's Next?

We’ll continue to develop the app and increase our user base. Future development considerations include our very own Moves+ tracker and allowing users to book gym activities via our leisure management system, OP2, so that clients can integrate their leisure management software with a booking app that rewards their users for getting active!

If you’re keen to hear more, please contact us at and we’d be happy to give you a demo of the app.

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