A New Direction for OpenPlay

Today OpenPlay celebrates a new direction! In a bid to transform how the sport and leisure industry operates we have been building OP2, an innovative leisure management software, launching in 2021. As the new year fast approaches, we have taken  the opportunity to re-brand, aligning our image to this new direction. 

Our journey began 8 years ago developing a marketplace for people to find and book sports facilities. Soon realising the industry was calling out for disruption, our software evolved to support membership management, class bookings and even custom apps. The appetite continued to grow, and we now power a range of operators across the globe.

A New Brand

As we entered new markets, from members clubs to universities it was clear that our mission was changing. OpenPlay was moving away from a marketplace concept to that of leisure software provider. After a strategic review we have been busy over the last two years, building from scratch two new products: Moves+ an app that tracks and rewards physical activity and OP2 a leisure management software.

Our brand logo, has was taken affectionately from our nickname, as clients and partners often referred to us as ‘OP.’

Our Purpose

Our new purpose is to inspire active lives through technology, as well as transforming how organisations operate and interact with their customers. This meant it was time to re-valuate our brand and image. Though over the years we have become attached to our grass green colour scheme (which on occasion was referred to more dubiously) and the running man logo, it was time to retire these two iconic pillars of OpenPlay. Over the past 6 months we have worked on delivering a new brand identity that we feel truly reflects our new direction, we love it and we hope you do too.

What's Next?

We are working behind the scenes on migration plans for current clients, and a phased approach to winding down our marketplace site. Stay tuned for more news about OP2 and Moves+ as we roll into an exciting 2021 for OpenPlay.

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