The Best Management Tools for Sports Providers

15 May 2018 openplay Leave a comment Booking System, Operations

Who doesn’t love a good list? Post it notes, an A4 pad, the notes section of your smartphone. All are great in their own right, but they don’t encompass Excel, share easily with large teams, or sync with all of your devices. With the rise of the smartphone entrepreneur, comes a host of useful management tools that can be used on a desktop or on the go.

When choosing management tools, you must consider their ability to integrate with the rest of your software; they are intended to streamline tasks and save time, after all. If you have many applications working together, it is crucial that your management tool is an all-in-one business solution; otherwise, it is not worth the hassle.

Trello: Task Management

Trello is the app for people who want to get stuff done, helping teams to collaborate on projects. Trello syncs across all of your devices, allowing you to work with your team no matter where you are. It integrates with other tools such as Slack, so notifications are streamlined across communication channels. The app allows for calendar view so that you can see your upcoming meetings and deadlines at a glance. Trello is free for personal use, but this setting doesn’t integrate with other apps. Upgrade to Business Class and £10 per month per user to utilise team overviews, app integration, and increased security.

Asana: Project Management

Asana is an alternative to Trello and is trusted by businesses such as Tesco, Reuters, and Deloitte. Track projects from start to finish, with tasks ranked in order of priority and assigned to individuals. Asana encourages brainstorming, organisation, and productivity through visually astute timelines, boards, and to-do lists. If you have less than 15 team members, you can opt for Asana’s free plan. Premium hikes the prices to £10 per team member per month.

Buffer: Social Media Management

With the number of social media platforms from which you “must” be sharing content, it can be challenging to keep up. Should you post an AI video on Snapchat? Must you take an interest in Pinterest? Buffer concentrates this stress by letting you schedule posts in bulk. All of your social media platforms are huddled together in your Buffer account. You can automate an update across all of your platforms, or tailor it to suit each one individually. For example, you may want lots of hashtags on your Twitter posts, while opting for a classy and concise version on LinkedIn. Track your post engagement with Buffer analytics. If you’re a small business with only three social accounts, you can get away with the free starter plan. It allows you to schedule 10 posts at a time which is still a big saver! The Pro version is £15 per month and lets you pre-plan 100 posts at any given time.

OpenPlay: Booking and Customer Relationship Management

Here at OpenPlay, we provide bespoke booking systems that are specifically geared towards sports venues and activities. Our venue management software caters to block bookings, recurring payments, voucher codes and lots more. You can quickly amend, cancel, or refund a reservation and issue automatic confirmations to customers. Manage memberships via your dedicated members’ section, with integrated direct debits and invoicing. Our CRM (customer relationship management) system records your client interactions, so all information is up-to-date, relevant, and personalised. A quick glance at your OpenPlay dashboard tells you your facility’s usage rates, financial information, and demographic breakdown. All of this data helps you improve scheduling, finetune your pricing plans, and, ultimately, increase sales.

Slack: Internal Communication Management

Slack is a communication app and desktop plugin that keeps work communication separate from business emails and personal messages. It is widely used by companies big and small. Slack works much like Whatsapp, in its rolling messaging style. Your conversations are categorised into “channels” that you and your staff create. For example, you could have an “Instructors” channel and a separate “Managers” channel. With better in-house communication streamlined, you can set goals quicker and keep employees on the ball.

Zero: Account management

Some people love storing receipts, Excel spreadsheets, and filing taxes. Some people are difficult to comprehend. No matter the size of your club, someone or something must do your accounts. Xero is an accounting software service, usable by both financial experts and novices. Set up automatic invoice chasing, so you never have to BLOCK CAPS email your employees again. Xero is loved by Mac users as it is cloud-based software, so will work on any computer without compromising features. The tool displays your cashflow in real time, speeding up your online invoicing. Xero integrates with more than 600 apps including one we rate very highly… The OpenPlay Pocket App! The starter option includes all of the features but restricts usage to five invoices, five bills, and 20 transaction reconciliations per month. Prices begin at £10/mo. On the Standard plan, you can process an infinite number of invoices. Higher packages start at £22-£27.50/mo.


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