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Marketing Hacks – Cracking Facebook Algorithms

7 February 2018 openplay Leave a comment Booking System

How will Facebook’s change of algorithm affect your brand?

On the 11th January 2018, Mark Zuckerberg announced a change to how posts appear on your newsfeed. Facebook wants to rid itself from the spam and clickbait culture that has been clogging our newsfeeds for the past few years. Having always claimed to be a “social media platform”, the site plans to prioritise content from “friends, family, and groups.” It is not yet clear how much this will affect businesses, media, and brands, but it will certainly limit their marketing scope. The good thing, for many of OpenPlay’s customers, is that local news will be given preference in the new system. Zuckerberg wants users to “see topics that have a direct impact on you and your community and discover what’s happening in your local area”.

Here are four ways to capitalise on this change…

1. Make sure that you promote your business as a local entity. The more community engagement you can get, the more Facebook will reward you. Tag your locations and emphasize your status as an integral part of the local area.

2. If you want to continue to be seen by your customers, it is important that you post engaging content that prompts comments. Essentially it will need people “tagging” their friends in the comment boxes and sparking conversations that Facebook deem to be “meaningful interactions”. You may think you can side-step the system by asking your followers to “Comment if you’re happy and you know it”, but this will be viewed as spam and sent to the bottom of the algorithm hierarchy.

3. One feature that Facebook will not be altering, is a user’s ability to click “See First” on their favourite pages. Encourage your customers to send you some love by enabling this feature, and then send them some love in return with exciting and relevant content.

4. Videos are still given preference in the new algorithm, but live videos will be valued even more. If you are hosting an event (perhaps a match or a medal ceremony, video the most exciting part and go live on Facebook.

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