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Data Analysis: Driving Sports Participation Forward

9 April 2018 openplay Leave a comment Analytics

Data is a fact of everyday modern life. Nearly everything we do generates new data. Every click you make online is recorded and stored to create your technological “dating” profile. Data is not a new phenomenon but one which has skyrocketed since the use of website cookies, Facebook profiles, and big data centres. Despite what you might have heard, not all data is intended to build your personal profile and sell you stuff.

In the grassroots sports industry anonymous data can be gathered every time someone books an activity or checks in at a venue. This information, in turn, reveals the activity levels of a sports centre, a borough, or a nation. Data like this is invaluable to government bodies, who currently spend millions of pounds on market research in effort to gage participation levels.

What is Data?

Data itself is merely facts and figures that are input, stored, and processed by a computer. The information is fairly impenetrable until a service refigures it and presents it in context.

Data Analysis

Data analysis structures, interprets, and presents the data; putting it into context and making the information useful. Business organisers use these statistics to understand the usage of their services and the demographic of their clientele. Armed with this knowledge, companies can improve productivity and reach out to new customers.

Readable Data with OpenPlay

Your OpenPlay account tracks and records your booking data. This is done anonymously, so nobody’s name, address, or credit card details are accessible. Every time someone makes a booking, you receive information such as gender, age, and ethnicity. OpenPlay’s data analysis transforms these facts; by interpreting, structuring, and presenting them on your ‘Dashboard’, in a form that is readable and visually engaging.

Track Progress

With daily, weekly, and monthly reports, you can track your progress; compare current stats with previous results. What activities were popular this month? Does it fluctuate month to month? Understanding the rises and dips of your customer activity is an important factor in the stability and progression of your business.

Target Marketing

Tracking data is a substantial marketing tool. By understanding the makeup of your clientele, you are able to market to a similar audience. Alternatively, you might notice a proportion of the population is missing and choose to wish to change this. You can plan your marketing strategy accordingly and get the people you want through the doors. Perhaps there is a strong divergence between the type of person who books online and someone who prefers to book in person. With readable data, you can acknowledge these trends and make a plan to remedy anything that is holding your business back.

Introducing HighRise

HighRise works much the same as OpenPlay data analysis, found on your dashboard. The difference? HighRise is scalable (hence the name). Data can be viewed per activity, per club, per venue chain, per borough, per city… you get the idea? It has the potential to be rolled out to all chain facilities and government councils. Offering reports for individual clubs or groups of clubs, HighRise can be viewed by individual managers, boards of directors, or council members.


Sports centres, activities, booking providers, and councils can work together towards their common goal: getting people active. This is not about tightening the competitive field, but about learning from each other’s mistakes and successes. For example, the rugby club might be filled with 13-17 year olds, whilst the tennis club is packed with five-ten year olds. When these groups share anonymous data amongst themselves, they can compare and contrast: learn from each other’s successes and mistakes. When activity levels rise, everybody wins.

Government Statistics

It is important that the government knows how successful its multi-million pound initiatives are, in order to re-calibrate targets. Age, ethnicity, affluence, location, and type of activity are some of the government’s top concerns when conducting their research. All of these factors can be calculated via OpenPlay’s new system. HighRise is a revolutionary tool that could could save the government a lot of time and money that they spend on market research.


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