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Government funding for grassroots sports organisations in Australia

21 October 2018 openplay Leave a comment Operations

Sport Australia has been criticised for many years for investing large sums in elite level athletics while leaving grassroots activities to decay into nothingness.

The myth peddled by many governments throughout the world is that Olympic gold medals inspire sporting uptake and, in turn, future elite success. But even Olympians must start somewhere. Participation starts from the ground up; and national health, not medals, should be the primary goal.

The governments sporting department has finally launched a grassroots funding model, in Sport 2030. On the grassroots side, the National Sport Plan aims to make Australia a more active nation, safeguard the integrity of sport and strengthen Australia’s sports industry.

It is important to note that the bulk of Sport Australia’s grassroots budget is divvied up between states. Each state body allocates funding to grassroots organisations within their catchment area. Check out our guide to individual state funding bodies.

Sport Australia

Australian Government’s leading sports and physical activity agency, Sport Australia small to medium scale projects of up to $500,000 for community sport.

Their main grants improve local, community sports infrastructure with the aim of increasing participation in sport and physical activity.

Supported projects include:

  • Playing surface upgrades
  • Building expansion/ upgrades, particularly female changing rooms.
  • External entry/ exit accessible amenities.
  • Sports lighting, such as safety lighting or solar panels.
  • Improvement to spectator areas.
  • Amenity uplift

Who is eligible?

  • A sporting organisation, eg. community sports club, registered sports association.
  • A local government entity.
  • A remote education institution
  • A not-for-profit

For more information and to apply, visit Smarty Grants.

The government’s grant programmes vary from year to year. In the past, they have supported organisations that promote female participation, sports clubs looking to expand, and sports and recreational facilities that have been damaged by natural disasters.

Australian Sports Foundation

Giving for Grassroots (G4G) is generously funded by passionate sports fans in Australia. The grants aim to foster social inclusion, healthier lifestyles and develop teamwork and leadership skills.

Applications open bi-annually, although closing dates vary from year to year. Each round of funding has a different focus. Previous examples include:

  • Sport4Everyone- For clubs and team increasing sports participation.
  • Balls4All- $1 million of sporting equipment donated to clubs, schools and organisations.
  • Active Adults- For organisations increasing participation for people aged 18 plus.
  • Junior Participation- $155,000 donated to 24 clubs providing sports to youths aged 16 and under.
  • Innovation- Grants to organisations increasing youth participation in sports through innovative means.

The best way to stay in the loop about the next round of funding is to sign up to G4G’s mailing list.

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Australia’s 5 Best Payment Gateways For Online Booking

30 January 2018 openplay Leave a comment Booking System

When choosing a payment gateway, it is important to consider whether your business would benefit from an on-site or off-site service. At OpenPlay, we recommend sticking with on-site, so payments remain on your website and the overall process feels streamlined and trustworthy. The alternative leads your customers to the payment gateway website to complete the purchase. This is often the cheaper option, but it leads to more customers abandoning their baskets before buying.

Australia has a lot of companies to choose from, with some significantly superior to others. We’ve compiled a list of our top five gateways. Fees are calculated per transaction, with none of the following companies charging set-up or monthly rates.


Stripe is the gateway that we, at OpenPlay, recommend. Founded in 2010, Stripe is fast becoming the popular choice, due to its quick set-up (just five minutes) and easy integration with e-commerce websites. Stripe only offers onsite payments, preferring to keep your customers on your website, in order to increase the number of completed purchases. Stripe is also ahead of the game in terms of features, with innovative developments being rolled out all the time. It has the capacity to save data, so recurred billing (e.g. monthly memberships) is automatic and repeat purchases are speedy. It is also the most efficient system for mobile payments.
*Once you’ve set up your account, it will be integrated with your OpenPlay account and seamless booking will begin.
Transaction fee: 1.75% plus 30c (domestic payments), 2.9% plus 30c (AMEX and international payments)


eWay has been in Australia for 20 years. It is well established in the country, managing 25% of the local online market. Not only is it a safe choice for Aussie businesses, but they trade in seven other countries. eWay is relatively easy to set up, with four steps to completion. You can do this at your own pace or with eWay phone assistance. Their 24/7 phone support, managed by ‘real people’, is one of their best features, making it feel like an approachable, local brand.
Transaction fee: 1.9% plus 20c (Visa and Mastercard), 2.6% (other cards).


PayPal is renowned around the world, and thus is a trusted and respected global brand. Operating in more than 200 countries, it is perhaps the only payment gateway that a layman could name. PayPal works as an external window, on which customers can add their card details or sign in to their PayPal account. For PayPal customers the transaction is quick and simple. For others the pop up window can be off-putting, as it is evident that an external service is in operation. This simply makes the overall transaction process feel clunkier.
Transaction fee: 2.6% plus 30c to 1.1% plus 30c (domestic payments), 3.6% plus 30c to 2.1% plus 30c (international fees).


SecurePay has been run by the national post office since 1999. As a result, it is well trusted by Australians, and used by big brands such as Bupa and Estée Lauder. It is also suitable for small companies, although the pricing structure is marginally higher than brands such as Stripe and Braintree (unless your transactions are very small). Like the others, it has the option of adding bill payments and recurring payments. As the name suggests, SecurePay offers an extensive amount of data security and advanced fraud protection.
Transaction fee: 2.4% on domestic MasterCard,Visa. (Amex, PayPal and Diner Club can all be integrated with the system with the added fee of each companies individual rates).


Operated by PayPal, Braintree has a reliable reputation and has access to the hundreds of countries using PayPal. Braintree differs from its operating company, in that it integrates directly into your website, making it an on-site service. One of the big perks of this gateway is that payments are made into your account within two business days. Braintree accepts over 130 currencies, even welcoming the notorious cryptocurrency, Bitcoin!
Transaction fee: 1.75% plus $0.30 (for standard businesses looking to grow). Prices on demand for their ‘Enterprise’ option, which suits established businesses ready to scale.

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