Slack – Best Tool For Internal Communications For Sports Providers

19 January 2018 openplay Leave a comment Booking System


Only a few years ago, email was the most efficient form of online communication, no matter what the context.  Nowadays, emails swarm our mailboxes like locusts, meaning important messages can get buried underneath automated advertisements, photographs of your nephew’s first solid feed, and the occasional plea from a suspicious royal looking for your bank details.  There is no doubt that email remains the most important service for external business communication, but when it comes to internal work relations, there is a new app picking up email’s slack.


Slack is a messaging app that works much like Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger, but whose purpose is limited to communication within a company.   It is an easy and efficient service that streamlines your work updates, scheduling, chats, and disputes.  Messaging can be subdivided into “channels”, which tailor to your company’s needs.  For example you could create channels for “All Coaches”, “All Employees”, “Rota Changes”, and “Training”.  Employees can also create their own private streams to message colleagues individually or as a group.  Anyone set as a “workspace owners”, can access anything posted to a public board or even seemingly private channels.   This feature is only available through the Plus Plan, but it means that anything unrelated to work can be spotted by an employer.  

Many businesses who use the app have completely eliminated internal email, finding Slack encompasses all of its benefits, but with the easier display of a messaging board.  The important thing, if you want to quash unnecessary typing, is to get your entire team on the app.  It is little help if almost everyone uses it, but messages still need to be composed for the one or two who are devoted to email or carrier pigeons.  Slack is used by more than six million people each day, by companies big and small; from Oracle to OpenPlay,  proving that it is a tried and tested system that can work for you too.  


If you are a small to medium sized sports centre you can try the app for free.  If you need to crank up the storage and introduce multiple channels, prices rise to £5.25 per active user for a Standard plan or £9.75 per active user for the Plus package.  These are billed monthly.  Visit to find out more.


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