Soccersstars UK

"OpenPlay made the process simple and straightforward with constant contact and support. A great service all round." - Chris Broadhurst, General Manager, Soccer Stars UK

The Challenge

How did your booking and management processes work before?

"90% of our bookings were taken by form filling and through cheque payments. This of course involved a lot of paperwork and administration, a lot of which was being done by coaches, obviously not the best use of their time!"

What did you feel needed improving?

"I believed that the first and most important thing that we needed to improve was the customer experience when booking with us. Our website and booking process was not user friendly so we needed to improve the look and feel to match the professional branding and marketing we do.

The second major upgrade that was needed was to make our processes much smoother. From the moment someone booked to them moment they stepped on the pitch required 7 or 8 sheets of paper."

Why did you choose OpenPlay over others?

"The key for us in choosing OpenPlay was how simple the system was to use, for the staff in the office, but most importantly for coaches marking taking registers etc. We have a lot of freelance coaches so if they all had to spend a long time to learn how to use the system it would not have worked for us. Also, the OpenPlay team knew exactly the problems we face as they were football coaches themselves."

The Process

How was the onboarding process - how easy was set up?

"OpenPlay made the process simple and straightforward with constant contact and support. A great service all round.

What is OpenPlay’s support like?

"Nikhil is always available to contact every step of the way (even when he was on the beach!) and always takes every update or adjustment seriously and professionally. A constant support throughout which makes such a big process easy."


Are you seeing a reduction in your painpoints?

"Using the OpenPlay system’s widgets which were easy to create and integrate into our website, we have seen a thorough improvement in our online booking system. It now matches the professionalism of our staff and marketing.

Also, the amount of administration required has vastly reduced. The process which took 7 or 8 sheets of paper before, with rosters being passed from the admin team to coaches and then cash being counted is all done with a click of a button now. The OpenPlay AP app makes this even easier!.

Have you seen an increase in awareness of what you offer?

We are now confident enough to ‘sell’ and push our website and online booking system to new customers. We feel we have the best online booking system in the East Midlands of any sports company.