Queens Park Rangers FC

"The booking system is so easy to use that we didn’t even need the staff training session." - Danny Harrigan, Development Manager, QPR Soccer Schools

The Challenge

How did your soccer school booking system and management processes work before?

"We were listed Official Soccer Schools (OSS), but found that most people would call up to book anyway. We then had to invoice people and chase them to make sure they had paid. This, as well as taking registers and making sure attendee details were correct, meant that our coaches would spend a fair amount of time at the beginning of each session just doing admin."

What did you feel needed improving?

"The main thing that we needed to improve was the way we captured details from the customer and then stored it to make sure all the relevant staff members could access it. Before OpenPlay, this was all done via paper and spreadsheets which wasn’t efficient and not very easy to trace. Also, with OSS, our website was not connected to the booking website so we could not provide details about individual sessions and it did not help our brand that people had to keep moving away from our website to book.

Why did you choose OpenPlay over others?

"The professionalism from their staff was a major factor. To build the system around our needs and adapt to create a system that worked for us was no easy task and they took us through everything step by step."

The Process

How was the onboarding process - how easy was set up?

"OpenPlay staff offered us straightforward communication at all times which made sure there was a seamless transition from our old system to OpenPlay. As well as this, the system is so easy to use that we didn’t even need the staff training session, all of our team just picked it up in a couple of hours.

Updates - how quickly were any adjustments made for you?

Whenever we had something that needed changing or a new feature we would simply log it within OpenPlay’s ticketing system. There was constant feedback from their team as to how it was progressing and often delivered ahead of schedule. Overall everything was done very quickly and no job is to small.

What is OpenPlay’s support like?

"Fantastic, our dedicated account manager does not wait for us to get in touch with them, they pro-actively contact us. After changes have been made they always make sure we are happy with everything."


Are you seeing a reduction in your painpoints?

"Our admin time has been cut dramatically following the introduction of the OpenPlay system. There have also been far less phone calls about problems with the website because it's so simple to use for our team and our customers.

Have you seen an increase in awareness of what you offer?

It was a slow process to begin with as we came on-board while the system was still being built. However, we are now getting extra customers to our website and app and it's growing exceptionally quickly month by month.