Moving Matters

"We could tell from the first demonstration how well it integrates with other websites." - Rob Wilkinson, Director, Moving Matters UK

The Challenge

How did your booking and management processes work before?

"Our web designer created something but it was difficult to use and caused more problems than it was worth. Yet previous systems had been unreliable, clunky and littered with user issues. We often had confused customers and then people phoning up to book, meaning we didn’t actually save any time using our own system."

What did you feel needed improving?

"The user experience. It just took too long and that often puts of customers from actually coming and finding out how good our sessions are. We also wanted to cut down the amount of time our coaches and staff spend on the phone doing admin and answering emails and get them out and coaching."

Why did you choose OpenPlay over others?

"We could tell from the first demonstration that it would be easy to use and the examples show how well it integrates with websites. This means users aren’t being directed to other websites with lengthy signup processes. Instead they can just book on their phone in two clicks from our webpage."

The Process

How was the onboarding process - how easy was set up?

"Pretty easy, the system is fairly self explanatory which meant we could get going quickly. I think the tutorials have helped on any points we got stuck on. The support has been excellent and issues/questions always resolved quickly making it is an easy to use system.

Updates - how quickly were any adjustments made for you?

"Things seem to be developing all the time. I think getting the specifics right for our bookings is a challenge but they constantly contact us to discuss how updates are working for us, we are working well together. Openplay are incredibly open and receptive to feedback and are proactive in updates always one step ahead and making the system more user friendly for us and our customers."

What is OpenPlay’s support like?

"Very impressive most things have been resolved within a couple of days and the communication is clear. They really are a benchmark of customer service."


Has OpenPlay added value?

"The feedback has been positive from our customers and every week the user experience is improving as our understanding of the system develops. I think you will always find some parents who struggle with software however the vast majority moved straight online and have really enjoyed the reduction in stress.

For us this means that our coaches/staff have saved time and increased efficiency. We have also seen an increase in both repeat and new bookings.."