King's College London

"The process and partnership have been incredibly professional and tailored to our demands and requirements." - Anthony Currie, Head of Sport at King’s College London

The Challenge

How did your booking and management processes work before?

"We used a combination of spreadsheets and paper diaries, managed locally by the Grounds Managers with enquiries and communications handled via phone or email. This resulted in a lot of paperwork and was very time consuming for our staff."

What did you feel needed improving?"

"The process for managing bookings was outdated and didn’t provide a good user experience. It also limited our ability to take booking and maximise our potential income from the Grounds, there was also a potential for double bookings so every booking had to be checked and rechecked. The process was complicated and time consuming for our Grounds managers and really slowed down our business operations."

Why did you choose OpenPlay over others?

It seemed like an easy to use system that was more developed than the others available. We also chose OpenPlay because we believed in the ability of the OpenPlay management team to continue to enhance the system. We shared in their ambition to make it easier for people to access facilities – and that the investment would be advantageous for our business, which it certainly has proven to be.

The Process

How was the onboarding process - how easy was set up?

"Pretty easy, the OpenPlay team worked with us to develop the system to suit us and our needs. Having a clear understanding of how you want the system to work is half the battle. We had some issues in relation to contractual and data management – due to the levels demanded by the university – but we worked through this process and persevered to ensure the system meet or exceed all these requirements."

Updates - how quickly were any adjustments made for you?

"As I have indicated, the Team at OpenPlay listened to us and worked through some of the system functionality to develop the system and continue to add in additional functionality through consultation with organisations like ours.
By learning from operators and those with business and strategic responsibilities the system provides significant added value, compared to a simple booking management tool."

How was the support overall?

"We have had a positive experience in terms of support. The system has undergone some major updates over the time we have been working with them, however this processes has always been communicated in advance and the upgrades often have addressed most, if not all our issues."

What I value is clear expectations and a commitment to deliver enhancements where possible and in a structured and systematic approach. The grounds managers especially benefit from the detail in which improvements are communicated with easy video tutorials to maximise the system functionality.


Has OpenPlay added value?

"Overall the system has been incredibly valuable to our business. It has supported us to improve the operational management of the Grounds, significantly improve the experience for our Ground users and is now creating real strategic value through utilising the dashboard and reporting functionality.

I believe it will increase revenue generated through our facility because our Grounds are more visible and accessible to potential users. With less administration on our end it means that the users have a faster, smoother and more pleasant experience of using our facilities and therefore are more likely to return.

Finally, the process and partnership have been incredibly professional and tailored to our demands and requirements. I would without reservation recommend both the system and service of OpenPlay to anyone looking to invest in the facilities and we look forward to continue our work with them long into the future."