Harrow Council London

"Using the OpenPlay booking system has highlighted the potential of what we could do with the sporting facilities." - Carly Payler-Rabess, Project Manager for Harrow council

The Challenge

How did your parks booking and management processes work before?

"We had a very outdated system, for both the council and for the customer. The only way that customers could book a facility and then amend or cancel a booking was to call in to our contact centre and speak to an advisor. This was very time consuming for the customer as well as the advisor. The advisor would have to manually input the booking on to the current booking system and then raise a separate invoice to the customer."

What did you feel needed improving?

"We wanted a system that would basically do the same job as an advisor. With all budget cuts and restrictions in resources we wanted customers to be able to book and manage their own pitch bookings. We wanted a system that could capture data and enable us to maximise the use of our sports facilities to increase our revenue and reduce or staffing costs."

Why did you choose OpenPlay over others?

"OpenPlay was a system that did everything that we required it to do at an affordable price. It also required very little input and configuring from our end which was exactly what we needed. We found that other systems would require us to have more of an input into configuring the system which was very time consuming. We also found that they were very expensive and would not have been cost effective."

The Process

How was the onboarding process - how easy was set up?

"The setup process was extremely easy from our side and very quick. The OpenPlay team have been outstanding from the start, I would recommend them to anyone who is looking to improve the service or system that they have or provide. They are a pleasure to work with and the system continues to grow and evolve, opening up to more opportunities and possibilities."

Updates - how quickly were any adjustments made for you?

"Any amendments of suggestions that have been requested are taken up very quickly and in a matter of days if not hours the adjustments have been made."

What is OpenPlay’s support like?

"No matter what the query is, the support that we have received from OpenPlay has been outstanding, the support received has been quick and has helped us to resolve any queries that we have had."


Are you seeing a reduction in your pain points?

"Since OpenPlay has been implemented, customers are slowly being encouraged to use Openplay booking system rather than calling the team to make a booking.
Since we have introduced Openplay we have decided that we need to re-evaluate a number of areas of our policies and procedures so that they are as up to date as the system that we are now using."

Has OpenPlay added value?

"Using the OpenPlay system has highlighted the potential of what we could do with the sporting facilities that we currently have and manage. Now that we have up to date system that continues to improve with enhancements and features, it has made Harrow Council’s job easier, more cost effective and clearer of what needs to be done to promote and increase the awareness and revenue of the facilities we have available to the public."