Five Offline Marketing Hacks for Sports Coaches

27 January 2018 openplay Leave a comment Booking System

What if you could get one of the top pros to advertise your sports venue in their next big match? Imagine Serena Williams wearing your logo instead of the overly-dominant Nike tick? Maybe Roger Federer could eat a banana whose skin had printed on it your opening hours and booking details? Perhaps Gareth Bale will drink from a water bottle with your name on it before giving the camera a cheeky wink that somehow, without the use of language, sums up the ethos and price point of your brand? Well dream on, that’s ridiculous. Nevermind, here are some cheaper marketing options that are very nearly as good.

1. Branded kit

Kids and teens love team hoodies. Get their name or their number (team position rather than mobile) printed onto the back along with the name of the club. Don’t scrimp too much on these: if they’re sleek and cosy they will wear them all the time. Kit bags and water bottles are other places that get great exposure. This is not just a low-cost option, if done right you should make a profit.

2. Car advertisements

Whether it’s a bumper sticker or an entire coat of paint complete with Red Bull inspired monument on the roof, drive up your sales by getting your logo onto your car. Perhaps you could even print multiple bumper stickers and encourage parents to stick them onto their cars. Remember, if the strapline is funny it is more likely to get noticed.

3. Articles

Offer to write articles about sport and the community for school newsletters and local newspapers. Ensure that the piece evokes your brand’s image and shows you in a positive and engaging light. You want to sell your business without it coming across as a marketing plug.

4. Free Trials

Head down to local schools, to parks, cafes, the lot. Hand out vouchers that enable the user to have a free trial at your club. If you’re targeting local schools, there are usually laws that you cannot advertise within the grounds, but you are allowed to stand outside the gate. Wear your company jacket for optimum advertisement, and to avoid a reputation as someone who lingers around the school gate. Alternatively, you can get in contact with a school and run a taster session for each class.

5. Advertise outside your venue

This may seem blatantly obvious to some, but it is amazing how many venues ignore the marketing opportunities that lie on their doorstep. Get a large banner printed and hung up on your gate so when someone passes by they instantly know who you are, what you’re about, and how to get involved.

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