Mapping out the Future of Sports Booking

22 May 2018 openplay Leave a comment Booking System, Marketing, Operations, Technology

We are excited to finally share with the world our brand new, shiny, interactive maps! Want to add a little glamour to your booking page? Our booking maps make the booking experience user-friendly and fun (even more fun than it already was). Dubai Sports World has already gone live with their interactive maps, and guess what… customers love them.

Google maps have changed our perception of our streets, parks, and cities. We can now tell how long it will take to walk to a venue, how big a park is, and access detailed information about the terrain. Online maps allow us to see the size and geography of nearly every building or space on earth (except for North Korea and parts of Stockton-on-Tees).

Now, at OpenPlay, we are integrating personalised maps of your venue, with your bespoke booking system. The interactive maps help new players determine the layout and quality of your facilities. Players can see if a pitch is surrounded by trees, which will provide shade from sun or wind. They will also learn if the facility is accessible or if there is space for spectators to watch. Don’t want to play on a middle court? Yeah, us neither. With a visual layout available as part of the booking process, customers can choose their favourite court or pitch.

Any facilities that are unavailable will show up in grey, so players can clearly see how busy the venue is. Clicking on an icon will bring customers straight through to the next section of the booking process. It’s that simple.

Every technical advancement that makes booking sports easier, is an advancement for sports participation. Our interactive maps are visually stimulating, making your facilities memorable and, alas, more bookable. These are the first of their kind, with potential to be advanced further. Who knows where they will lead us to in the future…

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