How to retain key staff members at your gym, fitness studio or sports centre

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It is well established that a happy workforce results in satisfied and loyal customers. In the wellness industry, a team’s attitude and dynamics are the life and soul of a business. A moderate level of employee turnover can keep your business fresh and on its toes. Old-timers relearn information they may have forgotten as they train new faces; these recruits, in turn, breathe enthusiasm and excitement that can wear off on others. How do you keep hold of valuable staff members?

Learn why people are leaving

Employees leave companies for a number of reasons: salary increase, career change, shorter commute or “just because”. These factors are often unavoidable, but negative influencers such as underpaying staff, poor management, and a toxic environment will drive staff away. Your team should feel comfortable enough to approach management or HR with any issues they might be facing at work. Even with an open and attentive management team, certain problems need to be broached with care. Give your team regular opportunities to complete confidential surveys, where they can detail satisfaction levels and seek improvements. Once the reviews have been conducted, hold team meetings where issues can be discussed and resolved.

Provide opportunities for growth

If you want to attract and retain a hardworking and ambitious workforce, you need to provide opportunities for growth. A motivated employee will want to showcase their talents and skills. They may wish to contribute to tasks that lie outside of their job description. Your best coaches will aspire to the position of head coach, and many of your floor staff or admin team might strive for more responsibility and higher pay. Hold discussions with your employees to understand their career aspirations.

Increase freelance loyalty

Many instructors and PTs are freelance so do not possess the same allegiance to your brand as your permanent staff. Freelancers tend to be loyal to their and your clients. In return, many of your customers are fiercely loyal to your instructors. Consider how many members would move clubs to remain with their favourite coach. What percentage of people come to your club because of one particular instructor? A particularly valuable coach significantly increases your revenue. Their pay should rise as they contribute to the growth and wealth of your business.

Create a competitive but supportive environment

Employees thrive in a competitive but fair environment. Set targets for your staff that are difficult but not impossible to attain. Many companies reward their team as a whole, by organising away days or parties. Such a system is excellent for encouraging teamwork and boosting morale. However, it is important, also, to also promote motivation from individuals. Sales teams are continually chasing leads and are rewarded handsomely with commissions when they hit targets. Assign this motivational tactic to other sectors of your workforce. Consider awarding instructors a £5 bonus for every fully-booked class they teach. Give prizes, such as coupons or guest passes to staff that consistently execute tasks to a high standard.

Use technology

Staff members get frustrated when management is disorganised. There is nothing more frustrating than a coach preparing a killer session only to turn up and discover the class was cancelled. When communication is lacking, mishaps like this happen. It may be acceptable for once in a blue moon, but a chaotic working environment is not sustainable in the long run. OpenPlay’s management system lets your coordinate your staff via a handy pocket app. Find out more at OpenPlay.

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