How to fill dead time at Sports Venues

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While philosophers and cosmologists have debated for centuries if time and space are infinite, for the everyday life of a business leader, time and space are very much limited. Whether you run a gym, a local sports club, or any other type of business, the saying “time is money” applies, and anytime your assets are not in use they are subtracting from your profit. It is a sad fact in the life of a sports venue that there are periods of intense sprints, where keeping up with demand is near impossible, and sedentary lulls, that means that staff have little to do. Off-peak makes up a huge proportion of a sports centre’s working day, so we’ve compiled a list of tips to help you fill dead time and keep the flies from settling.


So at OpenPlay, we do people’s admin for them. Yay! Admin most likely took up a large chunk of your working day, so how do you fill this gaping hole when your bookings are already filed, your customer communication automated, and your registers pre-organised? Alas, you can fix this first-world-problem; there is always more to do. Why not take some time to plan your social media posts. Use a social scheduler such as Buffer so that you can organise posts days, weeks, months in advance. You can track customer engagement and plan your marketing strategy accordingly.

Staff Training

No company wants to pay employees to lounge around, and very few can afford it. So there is nothing left to dust, no towels to fold, and all your staff can do is watch the clock tick. They have maintained the quality of your venue, so now they can improve themselves. eLearning allows your team to update their skills and stay on top of their game. Perhaps they can refresh their safety knowledge or complete a biology course. Large companies may choose to create their own training programmes. For smaller businesses, the YMCA provides comprehensive sport-focused courses.

Off-Peak Pricing

Off-peak falls during the times when most other businesses are grinding away. 9-5 every weekday is too much time to write off as “dead time”. Reduce your prices and target retirees, stay-at-home mums or dads, freelancers, and night shift workers. Tailor your classes to suit the off-peak demographic. Why not experiment with Tennis Bootcamp, Parent and Child sessions, or low impact classes such as pilates, swimming, and cycling. The ever-growing cost of ownership/ rent makes a vacant court or deserted pitch a bitter sight. Get in touch with nearby schools and offer class coaching sessions or host their sports day at your venue. Promote drop-in prices and discounts for block bookings.

Expand your booking potential

Our team at OpenPlay have helped numerous organisations maximise their resources, by providing them with bespoke booking systems. This simple to use software covers all aspects of running and managing an indoor or outdoor sports venue, from a comprehensive members solution to block bookings and recurring payments for larger customers. OpenPlay’s tailored service means that we cater to a multitude of facilities, from tennis courts to sports halls and even non-sporting related resources. OpenPlay also manages an online directory that connects sports facilities to new potential customers so that you can maximise your booking potential.
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