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23 May 2018 openplay Leave a comment Marketing, Memberships, Technology

Generally it is the retired generation who are most reluctant to embrace online booking. With small print, confusing tick boxes, and ad banners, it is completely understandable. Self-service checkouts received a barrage of complaints when they first arrived. There is less human interaction, glasses need to be put on, and for goodness sake I already put it in the bagging area! But self-service checkouts have massively reduced business costs and increased service efficiency. 90% of shoppers aged 18-39 find self-service checkouts easy to use and appreciate their speed. Only 50% of those over 60 feel the same. At OpenPlay, we understand the reservations some of your customers may have when it comes to digital. That’s why our online booking process is straightforward; with no unnecessary pop-ups and easy to follow steps.

Those who dislike change are unlikely to abandon you for another club or venue… They dislike change, remember?

Plan for the future…

Forward thinking and future planning needs to start now. The upcoming generation of retirees are already online and digitally adept. They are not going to revert back to paper the day they clock off for the last time. OpenPlay makes the online experience as smooth and streamlined as possible. It is easy to navigate with minimum clicks involved. The sooner you get your bookings online, the quicker your current customers will get to grips with the system and embrace the world wide web.

Cash loving…

There’s always someone who whips out a fifty when buying a round, counts coppers at the newsagents, and tuts at the beep of an oyster card. Yet, e-commerce is booming, causing “heartbreak on the high street”, and is expected to increase by 23.3% this year alone. You may keep the cash till for energy bars and coffees, but your big sales need to be accessible online.

Consider a dual system…

You are likely to have someone at the facilities for a duration of the day who can take bookings from those that are not ready for online booking. Even with this dual system, their membership, payments and data can be logged into the same OpenPlay system as the rest of your clients. This is still much more efficient than manually logging everybody’s bookings. As other members basque in the ease of online booking, word will spread and others will be encouraged to join in. This is an investment that will increase in value as online sales continue to grow.

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