Event Marketing: How to attract new customers to your fitness studio

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The key to getting new customers is to get them through the door.

While it would be lovely to make a profit from the events themselves, you should be prepared to offer your classes and products at a loss, focusing instead on the bigger picture.

Once you have all of the details of your event in order, you need to get the word out. Use social media and your website for online promotions, and distribute flyers to local businesses (including your own) and homes.

Marketing events are more meaningful and intimate than a mass email, so can be hugely valuable to both your potential customers and your business.

Buddy workout and drinks

The majority of people are motivated by other people when it comes to keeping fit. Many individuals only participate in a workout if they are dragged to the gym by a friend. Thankfully, this pack mentality promotes gym membership growth.

To give this effect a little push, host a “bring your buddy” night once a month. Members’ friends get the chance to visit your studio for a class and afterwards they can hang out with your customers and your team. Sell drinks at a discounted price, with only a small profit margin, so visitors do not feel like they are being stung. Offer a membership premium rate to anyone who signs up for a membership at the event and two free passes to next month’s event.

Flash Sale

One day a month or term, your studio can transform into a high-end fitness clothing store. Collaborate with an apparel brand and hold a sale day- Black Friday, May Madness- any excuse.

Try to coordinate your event with “Pay Day,” so money is not the reason someone misses out. The clothing company will benefit from adding your customers to its list and you, in return, will reap the rewards of their happy shoppers. Everyone welcome, members and new sign-ups get an extra 5% discount.


Yoga, as a genre, is known for its high retention rates. Its following is partly due to its ability to simultaneously fire-up and relax the body and mind; it can feel addictive. However, it is also a progressive workout: one that can very clearly be tracked by a person’s increasing ability to hold a balance and growing flexibility. Yoga lends itself well to workshops, with many studios offering events on ‘Handstands and Inversions’, ‘Breath Control’, or even week-long retreats in Ibiza.

Workshops can serve any sport or fitness style, as people aspire not only to get fit, but to improve technique, prevent injury, and master steps. Workshops do not need to be solely movement based but could be diet focused or lifestyle enhancing.

If you do not have the knowledge to host a particular seminar reach out to industry professionals for help. Sometimes a physio or other expert will offer their services free of charge in exchange for access to your members.

Charitable Marketing Event

Whether the intentions are selfish or selfless, businesses are perceived as generous when they donate to a charity. Choose a cause that aligns with your business; it might be sporting access for people with disabilities or maybe an environmental charity to offset any emissions your studio generates.

Sport and exercise are one of the leading go-tos for charity events. Marathons and cross-country bike rides are often the motivational pushes that inspire people to rise from the couch and get exercising. Whether you decide to enter a team into an organised event or you host an event at your studio, encourage your members to get involved.

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