Custom enterprise sports booking systems

Whatever the size of your project, organisation or location, our experienced team will build you a bespoke online booking system tailored to your needs.

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Our 100% bespoke, white-label offering

For larger clients, sometimes an off the shelf system may not be a great fit - integration with legacy accounting/ERP systems, 100% control over branding and look and feel, custom mobile apps and more may be required. We take our state of the art booking system framework and customise it to your needs, including any backend integration work, front end design and unique look and feel, extending over just online booking to include the complete check-in and post match solution.

Take a look at the video before for an example of how we helped Dubai Sports World, the largest indoor venue in the middle east, to offer a unique experience from initial booking all the way through to customer check-in and post match analytics.

We make booking systems for venues and activities

We have helped develop large-scale, multi centre booking solutions for clients across the globe, all benefiting from our unique software solution that offers both activity/course bookings alongside traditional venue bookings, all being ran from the same dashboard. 

Watch the video below for some more examples of  some of the functionality available

Whatever your needs we can help

Bespoke mobile apps

If you need a specific, branded mobile app we can help you, with in-app messaging, resource and activity bookings and more.

Multi Currency & Country

If you need an integration with a specific payment system, want to handle mutli-currencies or even operate globally we can help you

Customised Front-end

If you want a system which completely matches your branding, with your own booking process and flow, no problem.

3rd Party Integrations

You might need your system integrating with an ERP, accounting system, POS system and/or access control gateway. As long as there's an API we can help.

Customised reporting

We build reports the entire time and many are out the box. But if you have unique KPI's and reports we can build them for you.

Need something urgently?

We often find ourselves rescuing projects which have gone wrong, with clients in a hurry. If you have an urgent deadline we'll pull out the stops for you.

Frequently asked questions

Can your system be fully customised?

Yes we can completely customise and white-label our system to suit your needs. Whatever colours, fonts and specific modules you need we can help and can adhere to your existing branding.

Can you integrate with other systems such as accounting?

Yes we integrate with all kinds of our other systems such as accounting, access control, ePOS and lighting systems. As long as there is an API and it is possible, we can do it.

What countries do you serve?

We already operate in UK, Ireland, UAE, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, USA and Canada. However we're happy to work in other countries providing there is an online payments infrastructure.

Can you handle memberships and recurring payments?

Yes we have a full membership module which can handle some of the most complex membership packages imaginable and your customers can automatically sign up online too.

Where is your system hosted?

Our system is cloud-based and hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) in the closest available data server to your country. If you want the system locally hosted that can be arranged too.

Do you do offer access control technology?

Yes we link into several access control systems, so whether you have existing hardware or want a new access control system we can help.

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