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25 June 2018 openplay Leave a comment Booking System

For the second year running, we have provided the online reservation software and booking experience for Dubai Sports World. 2018 sees the region’s largest indoor sports arena expand once again, to include gymnastics, street basketball and more; making fitness accessible to all.

Whilst DSW expands, so too does our partnership. OpenPlay’s Nikhil Obrai was in Dubai to assist with the smooth running of this year’s launch. We were delighted and honoured to be recognised at their 2018 award ceremony for our “continuous support towards Dubai Sports World.”

Since opening this May, an average of 5000 people have passed through the doors each day, all of whom have secured their slots using OpenPlay’s bespoke booking system. This number is expected to rise when Ramadan, an Islamic fasting ritual practised by the majority of the population, ends.

A staggering 46% of attendees are heading to the basketball courts, where Prestige Star Sport Academy (PSSA) is trialling young talent for an elite squad that will travel to Las Vegas for the prestigious Amateur Athletic Union Tournament.

With 25,000 metres of space and a dizzying number of bookable facilities and activities, DSW needed a booking system that could implement a host of complex features, whilst maintaining an elegant and simple front-end experience for customers. This year at DSW we premiered OpenPlay’s interactive booking maps. Created especially for the venue, the maps enable a fun, visually-stimulating booking process.

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