Corporate Fitness Packages: A guide for instructors, gyms, and sports centres

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The health and well-being of a workforce directly correlate with productivity, increased performance, and fewer sick days. Google has led the way with their focus on employee satisfaction. They believe that a varied work environment with significant staff benefits attracts the top talent. Corporate fitness packages are a win-win for both employees and employers. Finally, large corporations are starting to take employee health more seriously, with 22% of employers now offering gym memberships. However, this is far shy of where the working world needs to be. If you’re a fitness provider- be it coach or club- you have an opportunity to pitch your services to the remaining 78% of corporate companies. Here is your complete guide to offering corporate fitness packages.

Freelance Instructors: What to offer

Both pilates and yoga can be done in relatively small spaces, so a freelance instructor could potentially teach a class in a large office with the furniture pushed to the side. Pilates is ideal for desk junkies, as it reduces injuries and corrects posture. Meanwhile, yoga provides a zen amidst a busy lifestyle and works to stretch as well as strengthen the body. These practices fit well with a company on a budget as the only cost is for the instructor and small equipment. If you are a hiit instructor offering high-intensity classes, the chances are you’ll need a bit more space than what Meeting Room 3B can offer. A nearby park or even the company’s car park can be an alternative to a gym and will help to keep costs down.

Gyms: What to offer

Intense classes will energise and revitalise a workforce, but obviously, these require proper facilities. Gyms should pitch classes and reduced memberships to nearby businesses. Your sales pitch should vary depending on the size and nature of the company you’re approaching. Large companies may seek a discount for their bulk purchase, but be wary of underselling your services. Be lenient when charging small independents, but aim high for big businesses. Investigate their spendings in other areas (such as away days or Christmas parties) and price your services accordingly.

Sports centres: What to offer

Sports will not only improve the health and stamina of a workforce but can challenge motor skills and encourage rapid decision making. 5-a-side is perfect as an office lunchtime activity. The team sport will help colleagues bond while encouraging collaboration. Whatever your sport, you have a choice of selling simply the venue (at a discounted corporate price) or an activity package deal. Obviously, the latter will increase a company’s spend, but it will also be a better motivational tool for workers. Weekly coaching or fitness sessions will encourage a workforce to set targets and will encourage them into a routine- a positive for you, them and their company.

How to market your services

Convince employers that your role is vital to the productivity levels of their workforce and the happiness of their staff. For many prospective employees, a job that includes a corporate fitness package is an enticing bonus. Not only does it save them time, but it shows that the company priorities the health and happiness of its employees. Take a look at the “values” section of the company’s website. Perhaps they boast about employee well-being or claim to promote a work-life balance. Quote them in your pitch and demonstrate how you can assist them in fulfilling their promises.

Look to success stories

Nuffield Health is one of the largest providers of corporate fitness in the UK. They build onsite gyms as well as offering corporate programmes at their facilities. Most of the major gym chains promote their corporate fitness packages on their websites. Browse the competition and steal what you think might work for you and your potential clients.

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