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How to get sponsorship for your venue

23 May 2018 openplay 0 Comments

Sponsorship is commonplace in professional sports. Everything from the pitch border to a player’s socks is selling something. On an even bigger scale are the competitions and stadiums themselves, that go by Heineken Cup, Sports Direct Arena, Aviva Stadium. Marketing is a success when we repeat a brand’s name aloud, as we do again and […]

Making Use of Idle Courts and Pitches

23 May 2018 openplay 0 Comments

Sports venues have it tough. Peak times can be severely overcrowded, with double booked courts and a waitlist for classes. On the flipside, a sports centre at 11 am on a Tuesday can resemble a ghost town (cue tumbleweed and Western music). It is during these off-peak times, that money is sucked up through the […]

Tech and Sports Venues: What tech will increase efficiency?

23 May 2018 openplay 0 Comments

“Time is money”- So I’ll keep this brief. Tasks that are performed by hand can be slow and filled with human error. Technology not only makes actions quicker, but can keep information regimentally categorised and constantly updated. In some cases, tech can reduce or even replace manual labour and will certainly increase efficiency. Let tech […]

Technology Increasing Sports Participation?

23 May 2018 openplay 0 Comments

Each year the government spends well over £300 million in attempt to get more people active. They divvy up a proportion of the cash between grassroots clubs but spend far too much on expensive marketing campaigns, research projects, and theoretical initiatives. Frequently ignored (or misunderstood), is technology; which has the ability to massively increase sports […]

How to Generate Revenue from Parks and Public Spaces

23 May 2018 openplay 0 Comments

Free for the public to use, parks are by no means cheap to run. Grass needs to be cut, pavements swept, and all facilities should be maintained and put through rigorous safety checks. Local councils fund the bulk of a park’s running costs but, with over-stretched government budgets, sometimes this just isn’t enough. We’ve come […]

Mapping out the Future of Sports Booking

22 May 2018 openplay 0 Comments

We are excited to finally share with the world our brand new, shiny, interactive maps! Want to add a little glamour to your booking page? Our booking maps make the booking experience user-friendly and fun (even more fun than it already was). Dubai Sports World has already gone live with their interactive maps, and guess […]

What we can learn from Icelandic Sport

22 May 2018 openplay 0 Comments

With a population of just 334,000, Iceland is the smallest nations, ever, to qualify for the Euros, and they did it twice. Icelandic women dominate European Crossfit, and the gymnastics team were European Champions in 2010 and 2012. The people may be tall with Viking strength, but their genetics have little to do with their […]

Burgess Park: Uniting a City Park

17 May 2018 openplay 0 Comments

Burgess Park is on a mission to become a highly connected, community inner city park. It is already a vibrant space, but busy roads cut through its disjointed facilities. The sports centre is in high demand; many of the facilities are bursting at the seams, running at 92% capacity during peak times. Phases One and […]

How to fill dead time at Sports Venues

15 May 2018 openplay 0 Comments

While philosophers and cosmologists have debated for centuries if time and space are infinite, for the everyday life of a business leader, time and space are very much limited. Whether you run a gym, a local sports club, or any other type of business, the saying “time is money” applies, and anytime your assets are […]

The Best Management Tools for Sports Providers

15 May 2018 openplay 0 Comments

Who doesn’t love a good list? Post it notes, an A4 pad, the notes section of your smartphone. All are great in their own right, but they don’t encompass Excel, share easily with large teams, or sync with all of your devices. With the rise of the smartphone entrepreneur, comes a host of useful management […]