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Government funding for grassroots sports organisations in Australia

21 October 2018 openplay 0 Comments

Sport Australia has been criticised for many years for investing large sums in elite level athletics while leaving grassroots activities to decay into nothingness. The myth peddled by many governments throughout the world is that Olympic gold medals inspire sporting uptake and, in turn, future elite success. But even Olympians must start somewhere. Participation starts […]

6 things to consider when choosing an online booking system

14 October 2018 openplay 0 Comments

There is nothing worse than having willing and eager customers, only to find they have abandoned their reservation because the online booking system you use is too confusing, too long-winded or, as is the case with many out there, crashes altogether. We have spent years finetuning our system so that it works for you- the […]

The top books for sports coaches and entrepreneurs

2 October 2018 openplay 0 Comments

If you’re searching for inspiration to lift your entrepreneurial spirit, why not pick up a book? With so many inciteful books written by experts in their fields, it is difficult to know where to start. For every well-written book, there are plenty of useless ones that will only waste your precious and limited time. We’ve […]

Opening a boutique fitness studio? Avoid these pitfalls.

1 October 2018 openplay 0 Comments

So you want to open a boutique fitness studio? It’s a beautiful vision- a fresh white studio, lotus flower incense oozing through the air and lilac yoga mats patiently awaiting the pitter patter of eager yogi feet. Running a boutique fitness studio sounds like a dream, but the tight profit margins and tough competition can […]

UK remote full stack Laravel developer

6 September 2018 openplay 0 Comments

NOTE: THIS IS OPEN TO UK RESIDENTS ONLY OpenPlay is a digital platform operating in the UK, Ireland, UAE, Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore that connects people to sports facilities and activities. It offers a search engine and a ‘nudge tool’ with curation based around user preferences, with quick easy online booking. The core product […]

How to retain key staff members at your gym, fitness studio or sports centre

30 August 2018 openplay 0 Comments

It is well established that a happy workforce results in satisfied and loyal customers. In the wellness industry, a team’s attitude and dynamics are the life and soul of a business. A moderate level of employee turnover can keep your business fresh and on its toes. Old-timers relearn information they may have forgotten as they […]

From Western Australia to New South Wales: Your state by state guide to grassroots sports funding

24 August 2018 openplay 0 Comments

Australia is on a mission to improve the nation’s participation in grassroots sports and recreational activities. Grassroots sports funding in Oz is provided by the central government- in the form of Sport Australia. However, the actual structure of schemes and delivery of the vast majority of grants is made by individual state bodies. If the idea […]

PayPal vs Stripe? Which payment gateway is better?

20 August 2018 openplay 0 Comments

PayPal and Stripe are two programmes that process online payments. It sounds pretty straightforward, but there is a heap of other products, such as financing services, mobile payments and dashboard reviews. These tag onto their systems, making the booking process cleaner and more effective. These two are by no means the only payment gateways out […]

Word of Mouth Marketing: How to create an effective gym member referral programme

14 August 2018 openplay 0 Comments

You can pay for AdWords and spend thousands on a social media campaign and still struggle to increase footfall at your facility. Despite all the advancements in technology, word of mouth is still your most effective marketing tools. A member referral programme is an age-old, low-cost way to rake in new meat to your fitness […]

How to increase member retention: A guide for sports centres, gyms and studios

7 August 2018 openplay 0 Comments

It’s the same every year; January sees a flock of eager Christmas-pudding shifters clog up the gym as they attempt to do sit-ups on the leg curl machine. But most of these blow-ins are nowhere to be seen come February. Gyms must work harder to motivate and retain these well-intentioned newbies if they want to […]