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How to maintain green grass in a drought: A guide for sports pitches and parks

3 July 2018 openplay 0 Comments

Everybody loves the warm weather until it starts to wreak havoc on your sweat glands, ability to sleep and the smooth running of your business. With tough scorched earth and brittle grass, “drought pitches” are not accommodating places for sports. Global warming means that 2018’s heatwave will not be the last. UK water restrictions were […]

Customer Relationship Management (CRM): What is it and do you need a system in place?

27 June 2018 openplay 0 Comments

In 2018, customer relationship management (CRM) software became the leading and fastest growing software market, with a growth rate of 16%, according to research by Gartner. Worldwide, CRM software revenue reached $39.5 billion at the end of 2017, surpassing that of database management systems (DBMS). With such rapid growth, people have been given little time […]

OpenPlay looking for a full stack Laravel developer

26 June 2018 openplay 0 Comments

OpenPlay is a digital platform operating in the UK, Ireland, UAE, Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore that connects people to sports facilities and activities. It offers a search engine and a ‘nudge tool’ with curation based around user preferences, with quick easy online booking. The core product is a comprehensive online booking system for venues […]

Dubai Sports World Awards

25 June 2018 openplay 0 Comments

For the second year running, we have provided the online reservation software and booking experience for Dubai Sports World. 2018 sees the region’s largest indoor sports arena expand once again, to include gymnastics, street basketball and more; making fitness accessible to all. Whilst DSW expands, so too does our partnership. OpenPlay’s Nikhil Obrai was in […]

Should your sports centre offer dynamic pricing?

25 June 2018 openplay 0 Comments

Dynamic pricing has been a part of flight sales for years. You check the amount, think about it, then return to book the next day and find out it has doubled in price. Now, many leisure centres, fitness studios, and sports courts are using dynamic pricing to increase usage and maximise profit. It makes sense; […]

How to use Instagram to boost your followers and build brand awareness for your fitness business

21 June 2018 openplay 0 Comments

Transformation journeys, recipe ideas, workout tips, and desirable bodies; health and fitness are dominating trends on Instagram. Perhaps you roll your eyes at millennials who no longer drink their coffee, choosing, instead, to take photos of its swirly surface. You might think that the filter-filled, photo-sharing platform is not for you, but, with over 500 […]

Increase Revenue From Retail At Your Fitness Studio

18 June 2018 openplay 0 Comments

Having a finely displayed range of retail items can add character to your reception, giving it a boutique feel. Your customers should enter your venue and be comforted that you can offer them all they need to attend a class. Retail is not always a success, to begin with. You will need to shop around […]

Can A.I. predict the outcome of the 2018 World Cup?

14 June 2018 openplay 0 Comments

In the same way that scientific analysis is revolutionising coaches’ and athletes’ understanding of their play, intelligent data is informing gambling predictions. Sports betting, usually a game of educated guesswork and subjective opinions, is shifting towards a life of algorithms and automation. With machines getting smarter by the day, is artificial intelligence putting the very […]

The technology that is shaking up the 2018 World Cup

14 June 2018 openplay 0 Comments

For the 2018 FIFA World Cup, everything from the ball to the broadcasting systems has been rigorously innovated and meticulously thought out. The experience on the pitch, in the stands, and viewing at home will all be transformed by new technologies that are set to premiere at this year’s tournament. The last World Cup in […]

Website Tips for Sports Businesses

13 June 2018 openplay 0 Comments

It is essential that you invest in the front end of your business. We provide booking software for sports providers big and small, so we have seen and worked with our fair share of websites. Sometimes, it is not the flashiest, most expensive site that stands out (or indeed that takes in the most bookings). […]