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1 November 2019 openplay 0 Comments

OpenPlay has been appointed as a partner of the 2019 Dubai Fitness Challenge, the world’s only citywide fitness movement. Launched in 2017 by His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, the festival challenges everyone in the city to complete 30 minutes of activity a day for 30 days, […]

Rewarding Member Loyalty: Effective schemes that encourage retention

26 November 2018 openplay 0 Comments

From British Airways to Benugo, companies large and small are incentivising their customers with rewards. When it comes to exercising and staying on track, humans often need an extra little nudge. You might be inclined to cut back on rewards when finances are tight, but customer loyalty programmes pay for themselves and then some. Rewarding […]

Event Marketing: How to attract new customers to your fitness studio

26 November 2018 openplay 0 Comments

The key to getting new customers is to get them through the door. While it would be lovely to make a profit from the events themselves, you should be prepared to offer your classes and products at a loss, focusing instead on the bigger picture. Once you have all of the details of your event […]

Corporate Fitness Packages: A guide for instructors, gyms, and sports centres

26 November 2018 openplay 0 Comments

The health and well-being of a workforce directly correlate with productivity, increased performance, and fewer sick days. Google has led the way with their focus on employee satisfaction. They believe that a varied work environment with significant staff benefits attracts the top talent. Corporate fitness packages are a win-win for both employees and employers. Finally, […]

So you want to grow your yoga business? Follow our top tips

26 November 2018 openplay 0 Comments

Your yoga business is already a success, with a steady stream of customers and a satisfactory income. You’ve done the hard part: getting your business off the ground, but there comes a time your seedling must grow into an oak tree. Expanding from a small to medium-sized business is a difficult but fun process. Gone […]

How to choose the right name for your fitness business

21 November 2018 openplay 0 Comments

What’s in a name? Choosing the right name for your business is crucial. Your brand name is how your customers will come to know you and how they will reference you when they rave about your amazing service or product. You wouldn’t rush naming your baby, and this is the same sort of thing. While […]

How to write engaging content for your sports website

19 November 2018 openplay 0 Comments

So you want to write engaging web content. You, yourself, are passionate about your business. You know you provide something special and want nothing more than to convey your expertise and passion to others. One could have stellar instructors, top-notch classes and the sweetest smelling shower gels in the world, but if you can’t translate […]

How to price your gym memberships

11 November 2018 openplay 0 Comments

The rise of both budget gym chains and expensive boutique studios has put pressure on the mid-tier fitness service. Experts have advised many of the reasonably priced gyms to either style up or strip away the trimmings. But is yoga on surfboards anything more than a fad? Will people tire of bringing their own towels […]

What pricing structure is right for your fitness business?

7 November 2018 openplay 0 Comments

Is your current pricing structure optimising your revenue? Your facilities may be full, but that does not mean you are optimizing your revenue? By rejigging your pricing structure, you can encourage greater customer loyalty and increase memberships without seeing your margins squeezed. Today, a lot of fitness centres are experimenting with new tech, incorporating dynamic […]

How to attract the best freelance fitness instructors

28 October 2018 openplay 0 Comments

If you want to attract the best freelance fitness instructors, you need to value the ones you have. It is not enough to provide an average wage, to coax and keep talented freelancers you have to acknowledge the reciprocal nature of the relationship. As a freelance pilates and fitness instructor, I’ve worked for many gyms, […]